About us

How The Changing Man came to be…

The Changing Man Barbers was opened by Kevin Lyons, a working-class man from the East End of London whom through his 50 or so years on this earth had many unpleasant, disappointing and some upsetting visits to barber shops and hairdressing salons. So after yet another failed attempt to get a hair style to somewhat resemble the picture he had shown the barber cutting his hair he decided to take some time out from his job and train as a barber to gain a better understanding of what it takes to give a good hair cut to a client.
What he found out after achieving an NVQ level 2 and 3 was it takes training, skill, experience, and knowledge – not arrogance and ego. So now with knowledge, skill, training, and some experience, Kevin set out to open a shop where every customer was acknowledged, listened to, and left happy with the hairstyle they wanted. Not be just another conveyer belt customer that becomes a ring of the cash register.
At The Changing Man we welcome all. Young, or old, all races, sexes, or genders, everyone is treated equal and given the same high standard of service.
We are a Hybrid of old school barbering with modern day men’s hairdressing a 21st century salon that’s forward thinking not stuck in the past.

Our founder

We hope to see you soon, you’re always welcome.

Kevin Lyons, Founder

The people behind the art


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